Solution multipurpose
hall systems

Gala Systems has become a leader in the creation of venues flexible enough to be able to host a multitude of different events. This Configuration system is so efficient that venues can transform in minutes, allowing several different configurations over the course of a single day.

  • Within 10 Minutes Conversion Time
  • High Variety of Possible Configurations
  • Infinite Configurations: Cabaret, Flat Floor, Tiered Floor Auditorium, etc.
  • Robust Seats/Solid Structural Floor

Application examples

  • Casino Event Centres
  • Convention Centres
  • Performing Arts Facilities
  • Headquarter Auditoriums
  • Museums


maximize space
A modular space allows for increased total capacity when needed, maximizing space. For example, a 400-seat room can accommodate up to 600 people for a cocktail reception.
Increase rental revenues
With transformations taking just 10 to 30 minutes, venue can accommodate multiple events in a single day.
Increase possibilities
Comprehensive and multipurpose, Gala spaces adapt to any type of project, from theatre and music to commercial or institutional, increasing your potential client base.
Reduce maintenance costs
The Gala Venue system is designed to operate for the full life of the venue. The system has no wear parts and does not wear seats and finishes.
Increase associated income
Thanks to the ability to host banquets and cabaret evenings, which generate catering and beverage sales.
Reduce operating costs
Gala Systems offers an entirely automated solution, so just one technician can reconfigure a room for a new event.

Transformation Gala venue
rotation system

  • Seats Rotate Automatically from Storage Position to Deployed Audience Seated Position
  • Independent Moving Platforms for Each Row
  • Proven Solution
  • Straight or Angled Rows
  • Compatible with most Seat Manufacturers
  • Virtually any Finish is Possible
  • Conversion Time in 10 Minutes

Transformation Gala venue translation system

  • Seats Move Automatically, Horizontally from one Row to a Storage Position
    under the Adjacent Row
  • Independent Moving Platforms for Each Row
  • Used Expressly for Venues with Curved Rows
  • Compatible with most Seat Manufacturers
  • Virtually any Finish is Possible
  • Conversion Time in 10 Minutes

Transformation Gala venue
wagon system

  • Automatic or Semi-Automatic System
  • Large Tiered Wagons with Rows of Seating are Stored Under the Stage or Adjacent Audience Area
  • Basic Conversion Solution
  • All Row Geometries Possible
  • Compatible with all Seat Manufacturers
  • Conversion Time within 30 Minutes

Transformation Custom automated
Multipurpose Hall Solutions

Over the years, Gala Systems has customized different types of systems to suit specific needs such as:

  • Highly Compact Platforms with a Closed Height of approx. 30 cm (12 inches)
  • Semi-Automatic Systems with Similar Flexibility

Applicable to any type of venues

For example: