More Venues Equipped with Modern Transformative Solutions in Southern and Eastern Europe
and the middle East

A growing number of venues worldwide are now adopting flexible designs to create more supportive environments for the people who use them. Since 1980, Canadian firm Gala Systems has been leading the under-stage industry, supplying versatile solutions for auditoriums from orchestra and stage lifts to fully flexible multipurpose hall systems. To date, the company has participated in some 2,000 projects in 65 countries worldwide.

This would have been impossible without the close collaboration of reputable international partners to ensure the integration and installation of Gala’s specialized lifting equipment. In Southern and Eastern Europe and the Middle East, an important partnership has been ongoing since the very beginning of the 2000s with Belgrade-based Svetlost Teatar, a renowned stage and theatrical equipment contractor. Svetlost has always prioritized providing customers with safe and reliable stage and theatrical projects, no matter how large or small. Over the past two decades, Svetlost has completed numerous projects for the entertainment industry, using Gala’s highly valued technology in the international market, the Spiralift®, when projects demand efficient transformation solutions. This patented ultra-compact activator has proven to be a practical solution for configurable customized spaces supported by multiple independent small platforms. 

The fruitful collaboration between Gala and Svetlost has resulted in the successful implementation of versatile solutions in more than 20 venues in Southern European Balkan peninsula (Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia), Eastern Europe (Georgia, Russia), and the Middle East (Kuwait).  Even in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and for upcoming delivery of prestigious projects in Hong Kong, the Spiralift technology has been key to this added flexibility, ranging from variable-sized orchestra pits and stage extensions to freight elevators and multipurpose halls, with nearly 800 lifting units already installed!

Seikh Jaber Al-Hamad Cultural Center – Kuwait
Drama Theater
Seikh Jaber Al-Hamad Cultural Center – Kuwait
National Theater
Theatre Dzinot – Veles, Macedonia