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On May 19th and 20th this year, the Regent Casino Showroom and Event Center opened its doors to two sold out performances of the Grammy Award winners Huey Lewis and The News. This beautiful Multipurpose Gala Venue system designed by Number Ten Architects in close collaboration with the Team at the Manitoba Lotteries Corporation (MLC) and Gala Systems engineers, will be the new entertainment and corporate events center for the Regent Casino. The innovative design has created an auditorium that, according to the MLC, is “an architecturally inspired concert venue, an expansive trade show floor and an elegant setting for a gala dinner which will allow clients to transform the venue in order to transform the event.”
This venue allows event planners to reconfigure the floor plan, seating arrangements and lighting scheme to meet the needs of the specific event that is being held. Some of the configurations are:
• Banquets for Flat-floor seating up to 600 patrons
• Seminars for Theatre-style seating up to 1,400 or variably reduced seating at twice the spacing
• Cabaret with multi-level platforms seating up to 700 patrons
• Boxing matches with audience configurations “in the round”
• Rock shows with mosh pits for standing patrons close to the stage
• Gaming Tournaments with tiered arrangements
Number Ten Architects affirms that “The distinguishing element across the Event Center is the advanced technology used in the performance seating and adaptability of the venue. The utilization of Spiralift technology, designed by Gala Systems Inc. of Montreal, enables a performance facility to transform what is typically fixed theatre seating into an unlimited number of configurations. This will give Club Regent new opportunities to expand and tailor its performance venue – this is very good news for Winnipeg audiences.”
This stage lift system allows for the movement and automatic reconfiguration of stages, orchestras and the seat riser system will enable the positioning of seating rows and the full motorized and automated storage of seats as required for the event. The Concert Bowl will have the adaptability to go from a 1,400 theatre seat arrangement to a “flat-floor” or other configurations within 10-15 minutes.
Gala has appreciated the close collaboration with Manitoba Lotteries Team over the last 8 years and the good design partnership developed with the Number Ten Architects in developing this venue. We are honored to be involved with such a tremendous project and are confident in the success that this flexible venue will foster.