Gala Systems’ Technology at MCEC – an AIPC Communiqué

(English version) A pioneer in flexibility, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) was the first convention centre in the world to make extensive use of an automated hall transformation solution upon building the centre expansion in 2009.

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Cité Musicale — Île Seguin, Paris France

(English version) Overlooking the River Seine on Île Seguin west of Paris, the spherical shaped Seine Musicale, inaugurated in 2017, is an iconic facility dedicated to all forms of music.

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Casinos & Gala Venues

(English version) Today’s casinos: Leveraging non-gaming activities and events to broaden your customer base and demographic 

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Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

(English version) The New Flexible Steinmetz Hall: the Perfect Addition to the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

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Collaboration between Svetlost Teatar & Gala Systems

(English version) More Venues Equipped with Modern Transformative Solutions in Southern and Eastern Europe and the middle East

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Goteborg Stadsteater

(English version) Adding Stage Flexibility to Sweden’s Oldest City Theatre

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(English version) Adding HUNGEXPO’s New Flexible Congress Centre – (AIPC Quarterly Newsletter)

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ICCA — 2024

International Congress and Convention Association

October 20 — 23, 2024

Abu Dhabi, UAE

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G2E — 2024

Global Gaming Expo

October 7 — 10, 2024

Las Vegas, NV, USA

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NATEAC — 2024

North American Theatre Engineering Architecture Conference

July 13 — 15, 2024

Brooklyn, NY, USA

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AIPC — 2024

Annual Conference

June 30 — July 2, 2024

Heredia, Costa Rica

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IGA 2024

Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention

April 8 — 11, 2024

Anaheim, CA, USA

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USITT — 2024

United States Institute Of Theatre Technology
March 20 — 23,  2024
Seattle, WA, USA

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MIPIM — 2024

March 12 -15,  2024
Cannes, France

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LDI — 2023

Live Design International
December 3 — 5, 2023
Las Vegas NV, USA

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