Gala Systems is offering innovative proprietary design solutions and technologies for transformable multifunctional event centers in Casinos around the world.


Our automatic transformation solutions provide economic, environmental and social sustainability for flexible Casino venues that can :

  • host corporate, entertainment, banquets, sporting and gaming events in the same space;
  • be rearranged within 10 minutes, from a concert set-up to a Gala dinner flat-floor;
  • offer cost-effective customized events to the community;
  • operate with maximum efficiency and occupancy levels.


We work hand-in-hand with owners, operators, architects and consultants in the design. We will supply flexible venues ensuring future spaces have the most effective use of their square footage and maximize financially sustainable.

For information on Gala, access our cloud-based digital portal

to view and download a selection of transformation solutions material that will surely be of interest to you.