Gala Systems has been leading the under-stage industry and the venue transformation since 1980 by supplying versatile orchestra and stage lift solutions for auditoriums and concert halls. To date, the company has participated in some 1,650 projects in 65 countries worldwide.

The Spiralift®, the world’s most compact lifting device, has proven to be a practical solution for unusual applications, notably configurable stages supported by multiple independent small platforms. For such applications, Gala developed the new IL75 series of extremely compact Spiralift units with high stability and lifting capacity for heights up to 1.6 m. Economically viable because of their small footprint, the IL75 Spiralift units are the ideal solution for shallow pits, allowing for multiple lifting points under a slimmer/lighter platform.

Ultra-compact Spiralift applications:
designing highly configurable stages

NOSPR Concert Hall in Katowice

The centre of Katowice, a post-mining city in southern Poland, was revitalized on an unprecedented scale in 2014 with the goal of creating a cultural hub for the entire region. Part of the complex is the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra (NOSPR) building, designed by the architects of Konior Studio to fit into the Silesian architectural tradition.

Its main concert hall of 1,800 seats, home to the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, ensures an ideal acoustic environment, thanks to renowned Japanese firm Nagata Acoustic. Built for all types of symphonic music and able to accomodate 120 musicians, a choir of a hundred voices, and an organ, the NOSPR stage had to be freely configurable. The lower machinery in particular required special attention, according to Lighting and Theatre Technology (LTT), the project’s contractor specialized in the design and implementation of stage and lighting solutions.

LTT opted for Gala Systems’ IL75 Spiralift units to equip a large number of separately handled small platforms, allowing for different stage arrangements. With an extensive system of lifts, it is now possible to properly locate and showcase each instrument and the chorus on stage.

Konzerthaus Berlin Restauration 

Built on the historic Gendarmenmarkt square, the elegant Konzerthaus Berlin, designed in 1821 by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, is a treasure of the German neoclassical period. Severely damaged during World War II, the building reopened in 1984 as one of Berlin’s main classical music venues, following restoration for the city’s 750th celebrations. Home of the prestigious Konzerthausorchester, the hall is considered to be amongst the acoustically five best concert venues in the world for music and opera. Due to its beauty and fame, it also hosts many other events such as award presentations and political galas. 

In 2014 /2016, theater planner DTP Theaterbühnentechnik GmbH and SBS Bühnentechnik GmbH, consultant in stage machinery, were asked to update and increase the number of stage platforms, which were previously electrically moved. Furthermore, all new mechanical equipment had to be housed in the existing very low-height pit – 510 mm including the finished floor – of the historic Konzerthaus. Only the IL75 Spiralift units could solve this challenge: due to their reduced overall dimensions, they could be integrated into this restricted storage space. Gala Systems’ under-stage machinery, including both IL75 and ND6 Spiralift units, was chosen to equip 42 fully automated platforms, allowing for numerous stage arrangements.

Katowice Project Credits
Specialized Contractor:
Lighting and Theatre Technology
(LTT sp. z o.o.)
ul. Bakalarska 17
02-212 Warszawa, Poland

Konior Studio
Damrota 22
40-022 Katowice, Poland

Berlin Project Credits
Specialized Contractor
(scenic machinery):
SBS Bühnentechnik GmbH
Bosewitzer Straße 20
01259 Dresden, Germany 

DTP Theaterbühnentechnik GmbH
Bosewitzer Straße 20
01259 Dresden, Germany